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15ah li-ion battery aluminum alloy 26 inch fat tire electric bike

At present, fat tire electric bicycles are gradually occupying an increasingly important position in the transportation of people. Fat tire electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular in the electric bicycle market, because of their strong power, strong structure and adaptability to various different terrain tires, fat tire electric bicycles have gradually become an excellent choice for people to travel, commute, and exercise. This electric bike uses 26-inch fat tires with strong grip and stability, paired with a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and F/R Disc Brake, allowing you to enjoy the joy of riding and adapt to various terrains. This is AMS-TDE-08 where beauty and comfort coexist.

Dubai’s super-luxury property prices now start at Dh75m

The real estate theme for 2021 was certainly the exponential rebounding of Dubai’s uber-luxury residential market, with Knight Frank previously reporting that in the ultra-prime bracket, the number of $10 million plus homes sold smashed the previous annual record set back in 2015. Unsurprisingly, the Palm, Emirates Hills and Jumeira Bay accounted for over three-quarters of super-prime sales in the city. The emergence of a new strata of properties of over Dh75m ($20 million and over) has emerged that can rightly now be described as super-prime. The luxury market is certainly in a world of its own with prices increasing at a significantly higher rates, with prices in some communities even doubling, with Jumeira Bay being one such example. A plot for sale at Dh35 million just a year ago, recently sold at a staggering Dh80 million, highlighting a 130 per cent increase in just 12 months. Ultra-high networth buyers continue to zero in on the city’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, and quality is quickly emerging as a key factor alongside location in purchaser decision making. In recent years, the quality of properties being developed in Dubai has increased significantly, with developers surpassing themselves with projects like the One Palm and Dorchester Residences by Omniyat and, of course, Dubai’s new icon, Atlantis The Royal Residences.

Heightened landlord, tenant awareness can remove grey areas in sub-leasing holiday homes

As more information becomes available on the Dh30 million sub-renting affair with a holiday home in Dubai, it turns out the company did not have the permission to sub-rent the properties for one year in a majority of instances. And only a limited number of these properties were operated as holiday homes. Regardless, whether the property was sub-rented without permission or if the property was a certified holiday home and sub-rented for more than three months, Dubai has a clear regulation on how to proceed in case of a tenant’s default. The relevant law in Dubai states: “Unless otherwise agreed by the parties to the lease contract, the tenant may not assign the use of or sub-lease the real property to third-parties unless written consent of the landlord is obtained.” Further, another law states that in case the tenant sub-lets the property or fails to pay the rent within 30 days of obtaining a notice to pay the dues, the landlord can seek eviction and this will apply to the sub-tenant as well.. The latter can then claim the paid-up rent on the tenant (in this case on the sub-renting company) via the UAE’s civil process. The civil process is established to recover rightful claims and may lead to issuance of arrest warrant, and (potentially extendable internationally) against the sub-renting company’s manager(s) to find out the company’s assets and to satisfy its creditors.


The phiAligner not only increases treatment acceptance, but also helps position your practice as the place to go for aligner .The Aligner not only increases treatment acceptance, but also helps position your practice as the place to go for aligner treatment.

5 Secret Techniques To Improve Custom Wholesale Catalogs

Product catalogs have always been an essential tool for sales and marketing. Custom wholesale catalogs are a fantastic way to help customers become informed about your products. Digital catalogs are as suitable as they have been easy to share and connect and help you to save on printing and distribution costs. In the end, the companies raise their brand awareness and increase sales. If you are wondering how you can make the best use of wholesale catalogs for your business, here are some essential features that will make things clear:

5 Secret Techniques To Improve Custom Business Card Boxes

Business cards foster a brand image in the minds of the customer. It would help if you crafted a professional impression when working on cards and cardholders. You have undoubtedly created the best business card stack, but where to store them? Custom business card boxes are the perfect solution for you. They save and organize your valuable business card and contact details. Although many general options are available in the market, they do not position your brand. Generic options do not have the potential to deliver value according to the needs of your business. Customized business card boxes also give your office table top a personalized look. They seamlessly persuade a potential customer that walks right into your office.

Innovative Design Guide To Craft Custom Cereal Boxes

Custom packaging is a great way to make your product stand out on the shelf and in your customer’s minds. Whether you have a range of products that need to be displayed or want to create an exclusive look for your products, custom packaging can help. You can choose the size and shape of the box. Moreover, you can also customize the graphics printed on it and the materials used. There are endless possibilities when customizing your product packaging. Custom cereal boxes provide extra assurance that the product is of a good standard and is being handled carefully.

Latest Packaging Design Ideas For Custom Pizza Slice Boxes

If you are a pizza company looking to make your product packaging stand out, then you can follow some key box design trends. Investing in custom pizza slice boxes is the perfect way to do it. This article explains how and why these boxes are the best choice for any pizza packaging and how they can help your business reach new heights of development. Here you can also discover amazing ideas for designing pizza boxes and ensure your product stands out from the competition!

Bucks Driveways

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Buckinghamshire Driveways

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